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Zac Efron

Posted in Movie Star Of The Month by hayley247 on April 1, 2009
April movie star

Our April Movie Star!


He’s been all over the press recently. Whether it’s about him quitting the Footloose project, collecting teen movie awards or performing at the Oscars, Zac Efron is dominating the news right now and is our movie star of April. It seems only fair we nominate him as his new movie, 17 again, is set for release on April 10. We’ll see Efron moving away from his High School Musical roots in this quirky family comedy (see trailers).

So why else should he be our movie star? We thought his peformance alongside Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce at the Oscars was pretty decent. HSM 3 was recently released on dvd and again show cased his great voice, hot dance moves and acting skills (albeit a little cheesy at times). His lead character in Hairspray was by far one of his greatest appearances and to add to all of that – have you seen his front cover shoot for Rolling Stone? All in all, there’s not a lot this teen star can do wrong at the moment, and with his new movie about to hit our screens, we think he is the rightful owner of the award this month!


Jennifer Aniston

Posted in Movie Star Of The Month by hayley247 on March 17, 2009
Our March Movie Star!

Our March Movie Star!

We’ve decided to give this month’s award to the beautiful Jen Aniston, mainly because we feel she is at the top of her game. Sporting an amazing hair style and figure, a hot man on her arm (or not? see movie star news) and the release of a couple of box office hits, has to mean she’s a deserving winner.

The 40 year old star has at some point in her career made us laugh, cry and gawp at the tv screen. In chick flick He’s Just Not That Into You, Aniston plays a feisty woman who knows what she wants – marriage. And when the guy she wants to marry doesn’t share her beliefs,  she doesn’t let him get away with it, que some funny one liners. It’s this edgy side of Aniston we love to see in movies, coupled with her amazing ability to add sensitivity and vulnerability to her on screen counterparts. For instance, the scene in Not that into you when Ben Affleck is stood at the washing up bowl offering to help her whilst she breaks down is incredibly emotional to watch and is a contrast to her fun loving character at the beginning of the movie.

Then of course we should be applauding her versatility as an actress. Her new film Marley and Me sees her play a loveable family character, which is a huge difference to her devious character in Derailed.

To add to her success Marley and Me has just topped the UK cinema charts!

Another reason we love Jen is because she is so remarkably cool, or at least she comes across that way. Despite rumours flying around about her alleged split with on off boyfriend John Mayer, Jen has been on a whirlwind promotional trip around Europe and even found time to wow Londoner’s at her latest red carpet attendance. Recent articles about her visit to Brad and Angelinas for afternoon tea obviously display her likeability factor.

Overall, we think the Friends star has been awesome recently so she deserves a spot in Movie Star of the month!