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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Posted in Reviews by hayley247 on March 3, 2009
Check out the clothes ladies!

Check out the clothes ladies!

Why is it that every great feel good chick flick contains a journalist, a hot guy and amazing fashion? A few examples of my favourite films are How to Lose a Guy in Ten days, The Holiday and Bridget Jones. All centered around high flying journalists and their inexplicably complicated lives. And after tonight’s visit to the cinema, Confessions of a Shopaholic is now classed as one of my new favourite movies.

Brimming with funny one liners, hilarious dance moves (Isla Fisher girating with a paper fan), romance and of course spectacular outfits, Confessions of a Shopaholic is a must see for anyone who owns a wardrobe or has a slight clothes fetish. Based on the highly successful books, it follows Rebecca (Fisher) a struggling fashion journalist who feels her creativity is being wasted at the Gardening mag she writes for. When an opportunity arises to join a magazine closer to her dream job, Rebecca snaps it up. The trouble is, it’s a financial magazine where journalists coach and encourage their readers to save, save, save. And unfortunately Rebecca isn’t the saving type. In fact she has an addiction…a shopping addicition that has left her thousands of dollars in debt. Now the girl who knows the most about owing people, has to organise her cash flow whilst juggling falling in love for her editor and securing her place at a top fashion magazine.

There were plenty of hilarious moments that made me almost drop my popcorn, and so much jaw dropping fashion I left the cinema rumaging around for my credit card. But although I had a huge urge to go on a shopping spree for bright coloured tops, sky scraper heels and lots of scarfs, the story had an overall endearing moral. Rebecca spends all her time in department stores, filling her wardrobes with something she is obviously missing. She says in the movie that clothes make her ‘world better’. And I guess that’s true for a lot of us – I know when I want to be a knock out at an interview I will go out and buy a new pencil skirt. When I am going out on a date I want to buy new shoes. And when it’s a girly night out? Well, surely a new clutch bag. But why? Will my slightly dusty and worn skirt that sits at the back of my drawers really prevent me from getting the job I want?

Although Rebecca swipes her credit cards more frequently than Paris Hilton changes her boyfriends, towards the end of the movie she realises that she is using material in place of something money can’t buy. And she has this epiphany after her best friend sees a tramp wearing her bridesmaid dress – the bridesmaid dress Rebecca was supposed to be wearing as her Maid of Honour…the outfit she left in a charity shop in exchange for a designer label. And it’s during this low that Rebecca changes her behaviour and starts to realise that there are more important things than a pair of Jimmy Choos. Like friendship, love and career.

The great thing about Confessions is that it is able to emmit a generally cheesy and obvious moral in an entertaining and thought provoking way – the gorgeous outfits urge you to go and get them, whilst the thought of ending up in the same debt as Rebecca will have you opening up a savings account. I literally left the cinema with two thoughts 1) I want to buy those stunning clothes and 2) But wait…I have a credit card…but no, I really should wait ‘tll next pay day – no, I am GOING to wait ’till next pay day

Sounds boring I guess and relatively obvious – but at least it’s helped me with my addiction…My names Twenty4Seven, and I am a Shopaholic! Ok…well not quite


The Cullen Effect

Posted in Reviews by hayley247 on March 2, 2009
Edward and Bella

Edward and Bella

Thoroughly entertaining, full of action packe

d fight scenes and one of the most intense romance stories I have ever seen, Twilight is one movie you need to sink your teeth into.  Although based largely around a human falling in love with a vampire, and a variety of unrealistic dream like scenarios, it also has some utterly remarkable similarities to most teenage life experiences.

 Set in the dull and dark town of Forkes, Twilight is an intricate love story. It follows Bella, a teenage girl who moves to the tiny village to live with her dad. Not having been back to Forkes since her childhood, Bella, at first, finds the relationship with her father strained and her surroundings bewildering.

But on her first day at Forkes High School everything changes and suddenly things aren’t so dull. And why the change in opinion? Because of an encounter with the dark, brooding and painfully beautiful Edward Cullen.

Bella heads to her car after school and whilst scrambling for her keys she is almost crushed by another students truck. The only object standing between Bella and her fate is Edward’s remarkably strong hand. Que lots of brooding looks, tales of vampires and werewolves and a forbidden love – Twilight pushes all the right buttons.

The reason I mention that it touches on realism, is obviously not because of the sharp fangs and super human characters – it’s the sensitivity of the romance story. The scene when Bella sees Edward for the first time – gliding gracefully through the double doors of the cafeteria, should have every girl watching gasping with deja vu. Do you remember what it was like to have that one boy in class who you couldn’t take your eyes off? The guy that you would turn up early to your least favourite class for, just to lengthen the possibility of bumping into him. And everytime you caught a glimpse of his rucksack or heard his voice sweeping down the corridor your heart started to beat furiously and you were left praying he wouldn’t notice you dropping your science books. I’m sure every girl can relate to what Bella feels (minus the being flown through woodlands at highspeed on the back of their boyfriend) and that’s why Twilight is so tantalisingly epic. It’s not simply because of the exciting storylines and gorgeous actors, it’s because of the remarkable Cullen effect.



Posted in Reviews by hayley247 on February 24, 2009
Jamal and Latika in Slumdog Millionaire

Jamal and Latika in Slumdog Millionaire

A huge hit amongst critics and cleaning up on the red carpet, I had to get involved with the ‘Slumdog whirlwind’ and see what all the fuss was about. So arming myself with chocolate and wine, I slumped onto the cinema seat for a Saturday night out to the movies. And now I totally get it. I get why the Brit movie went down a storm at the Baftas and took home 8 Oscars last night. I get why Freida Pinto is in all the gossip magazines wearing stunning floor length gowns. And now i understand why people are rushing out to buy the book.

Directed by Danny Boyle, the movie follows the life story of Jamal and Salim, two brothers growing up in the slums of India. Orphaned at an early age, the two boys struggle to survive, and find themselves travelling throughout the slums, busking and begging their way.

They meet a young girl, Latika, who instantly becomes their sidekick and who Jamal has an immediate connection with. Latika is left behind after a run in with the villans of the story, and after they are separated on the train tracks, Jamal spends most of his teenage years searching for her. To gain exposure and assuming she may be watching the show, Jamal becomes a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Throughout the questioning, heartbreaking events from his past are revealed and the audience are left wondering whether his appearance on the show will bring Latika back to him.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my viewing experience. All I know is I was left with a stream of tears down my face for a variety of reasons. The romance between Jamal and Latika is fantastically understated – with tender looks throughout the entire movie that ensure you empathise with their tragic love story. And the harsh, gritty scenes of Muslim’s in the Slums being raided by Hindu’s and a young Salim hoarding a gun for protection are sadly realistic.

 Overall, Slumdog deserves every one of the Oscars it was awarded with. With some fantastic acting from Dev Patel, thought provoking scenes and intricate relationships, I think the Slumdog whirlwind won’t be leaving town for a while. 


He’s just not that into you

Posted in Reviews by hayley247 on February 18, 2009
He said what?

He said what?

Ok, I have to say, the thought of bundling some tissues and popcorn into my bag and heading down to the cinema with my best mate to watch a movie about how guys just aren’t that interested, slightly freaked me out. Did I really need a movie to tell me something I already knew, and quite frankly, did not want to imagine? I for one have fallen victim to falling too quickly for a guy and sleeping on top of my phone – just incase he did try to call at ridiculous o clock. But before I perched on the cinema seat I had given the concept of the movie a lot of thought. Originally inspired by a scene from season 6 of Sex and the City, I realised that a) it’s a fictional concept made for entertainment and b) who cares if it’s true? So what if a guy you spill your cosmopolitan on decides to ask for your number, but surprise surprise never calls? So what if the bloke next door promises to take you out for dinner but never actually goes through with it. Because, at the end of the day, the bloke that does matter, will follow through on all of those things and more. And until you find your prince, why not kiss a few frogs along the way? So with this is mind, I sat back and enjoyed the movie. And I have to say, it was a scarily realistic chick flick with a lot of highs and a bunch of lows! Directed by Ken Kwapis and starring an all show biz cast, the story follows Gigi – a girl who’s unlucky in love – and the people around her. It’s an emotional story about lives that interconnect, in both the right and wrong way. Jennifer Aniston looks amazing as per usual, as does Scarlett Johanssen who plays the seductive girl next door. The eye candy for us ladies includes Justin Long, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. Besides the complexity of the movie and gorgeous stars, there is also plenty of good clothes to feast your eyes on. A definite must see – but maybe leave your boyfriend at home…